AlphaGalileo your independent multilingual media partner

AlphaGalileo is a trusted independent business to business service for the research and media communities.

Our Service is based on three fundamentals: the widest range of research topics, all types of news material, and a friendly multilingual service that delivers the services demanded by our users.

As well as science, medicine and technology we cover social science, humanities, arts and high-tech business. So whether its art history, archaeology, architecture, fashion design, graphic novels, philosophy, politics, linguistics or economics, we have media from around the world who have asked to see it.

And we as well as releases, carried under embargo where based on papers in peer-reviewed science journals, we also take news of events, major prizes and grants, new books, images, videos and podcast.

AlphaGalileo has always operated in a multilingual environment so that we can accept all the news that is important for you and our media users. 

Journalists registered with us include those from print magazines – including peer-reviewed journals, newspapers, news agencies, broadcasting, and increasingly online. They have one thing in common. All are vetted to ensure that they are genuine journalists who will abide by embargoes. Most of our media users speak English, but we also have Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean and Japanese media registered with us. 

We provide news by a variety of customisable email alerts, iPhone app and RSS feeds.

Like university press offices, we try to meet our customers needs around the clock and at weekends. So if you need an out-of-hours service for your release please let us know. Our Standard level subscription means that you don't even need to log on to our site to post news, you can email your release.

We offer several types of subscription:

  • Academic Economy
  • Academic Standard
  • Academic Premium
  • Academic Pay per post
  • Business
  • Business Pay per post
  • Premium pay per post

You can read more about us in the following sections:

Who we are - with our history, aims and structure

Global reach - our effective Service

How it works - how the service operates

Media services - our service to the media

Who uses us - lists our scientific and media partners