AlphaGalileo's global reach

AlphaGalileo extends your science news to the world

AlphaGalileo delivers a high–quality vetted media audience from around the world, whose members have asked to receive breaking research news from science, medicine, technology, arts, humanities, social sciences and industry.

And we extend our reach via social media to North America and Europe.

AlphaGalileo’s audience

AlphaGalileo reaches the Americas, Asia, the Pacific Rim and Africa. North America provides almost 45% of our site visitors. 

Country audience


A third of the visitors to our site arrive via Google searches and a third originate from our social media postings.

Traffic to web


Used by journalists from around the World

Our media users are drawn from all the major global media groups plus hard to reach freelances. The UK, with the European offices of international media groups and the BBC, provides our largest audience. Germany, USA and France provide the next largest number of journalists, but we also include significant numbers of media users from China, Canada, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Latin America and Africa. In all more than 40 countries are represented in our media roster. 



Amongst the publications and broadcasters we cover are The New York Times, Al Jazeera International, the News Agency of Nigeria, New Indian Express, ABC News Australia, Editora Globo - Brazil, The Times of India, the South African Broadcasting Company, and Al-Ahram – Egypt, Asahi Shimbun – Japan and the Korea Economic Daily. 

Staff from the publishers of peer–reviewed journals include those from Science, Nature, Elsevier, Wiley, Springer and Routledge.

Delivering your news

AlphaGalileo is far more than just a web site. Our Service delivers news via email alerts, an RSS feed direct to journalists’ PCs and now, by using our apps, journalists (and press officers) can keep up to date with breaking news whilst away from their desks. 

We send over 40 million email alerts to journalists each year. And last year, news on the site was downloaded 4.5 million times.