How the service works

The Research Community - ensuring media coverage of research

Research bodies subscribed to AlphaGalileo use the service to promote their research worldwide and hence to increase the media coverage significantly. By posting news onto our website, they can reach more than 7,000 media professionals.

Press releases, event or publication announcements, library items and broadcast media posted on AlphaGalileo are published online and disseminated via email alerts and/or RSS feeds to the journalists from all over the world. In addition, we also distribute our news in Twitter and Facebook.

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AlphaGalileo service

The news posted onto AlphaGalileo is reviewed and, subject to approval, both published on AlphaGalileo's media website and immediately sent out via email alerts to the world's media. The news that is not embargoed is also published on the public site of AlphaGalileo. The multilingual AlphaGalileo team offer professional assistance to all users at every stage of the process.

Media worldwide - access to a reliable source of research news

On a secure media website, the media professionals registered with AlphaGalileo have constant access to the latest research news, including embargoed content. Media users can also receive the information via email alerts and RSS feeds. AlphaGalileo's searchable database of organisations and background material offers further and archived material.

Support for the Social Web

We offer a dedicated and customisable RSS feed and access to our blog roll for bloggers. We Tweat and put news on Facebook to give you the widest possible news distribution.

The Public - access to the science news

On the public areas of the website, everyone interested in science can browse through the recent research news that is not under embargo. And also, subscribe to our RSS feeds or follow us in Twitter.