European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (EURAC)

The EURAC is an institute for applied research and further education, subdivided in six research fields: Applied Linguistics, Minorities and Autonomies, Sustainable Development, Management and Corporate Culture, Life Science as well as Biomedicine. These six very different research departments share a common denominator: flexible interdisciplinary co-operation between the researchers' of diverse scientific and geographic backgrounds. At the EURAC, linguists and computer scientists work together to compile digital learning dictionaries, legal experts from various countries explore models of autonomy and federalism to ensure the protection of minorities in the enlarging European Union, while ecologists develop future scenarios for the development of the Alpine region together with economists. In 2004 the EURAC has created EURAC education, the new centre for the specialised training. EURAC education organises masters, courses and seminars for managers and high-level employees. The EURAC sees variety, competition and transparency as its guiding principles: its work and results are readily accessible to the public and are communicated through various media.'