Latest news releases

  1. 20/10/2017

    Barry Simon, winner of the 2018 Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics CREDIT: Simon

    Barry Simon Wins 2018 Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics

    The American Institute of Physics (AIP) and the American Physical Society (APS) announced that Barry Simon of Caltech is the recipient of the 2018 Dan…

    « American Institute of Physics (AIP) »

  2. 20/10/2017

    The Fugro Synergy in the port of Corinth Central Greece

    Scientific Ocean Drilling Expedition explores continental rift development in Greece

    International science party to focus on faulting, landscape evolution and past climate in a seismically active rift A University of Southampton expe…

    « Southampton, University of »

  3. 20/10/2017

    Morven McEachern

    The perils of business ethics facing the UK’s SME jewellery producers comes under scrutiny

    Peer reviewed paper

    Professor of Sustainability Morven McEachern looks at the ethical world of Birmingham’s famous 250-year Jewellery Quarter, home to some 500 business…

    Huddersfield, The University of

  4. 20/10/2017

    Big data

    Making big data a little smaller

    Peer reviewed paper

    As data has grown even larger and more complex, many computer scientists have asked: what is the best approach to pre-process large data into a manage…

    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  5. 20/10/2017

    By deforming the shape of the optical microresonator, the researchers were able to create and harness so-called chaotic channels, in which the angular momentum of light is not conserved and can change over time. (Image courtesy of Linbo Shao/Harvard SEAS)

    Using optical chaos to control the momentum of light

    Peer reviewed paper

    Integrated photonic circuits, which rely on light rather than electrons to move information, promise to revolutionize communications, sensing and data…

    Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  6. 20/10/2017

    Global CO2 emissions stalled for the third year in a row

    The annual assessment of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the JRC and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) confirms that CO2…

    « European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) »

Forthcoming events

  1. 22/10/2017 — 29/10/2017

    International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2017)

    The most important appointment gathering ICT researchers, experts and companies specialized in computer vision - i.e. the interdisciplinary field whic…

    Ca' Foscari University of Venice

  2. 15/11/2017 — 18/11/2017

    Literary Leicester celebrates tenth year with diverse new programme of events throughout the city

    University of Leicester’s annual homage to poetry and prose takes place 15 – 18 November · Event is free and open to the public- full programme and…

    « Leicester, University of »

  3. 25/10/2017

    Why businesses should harness the ‘power of co-operation’ explored at University of Leicester

    Head of Co-operatives UK discusses social justice and ethical business for next School of Business Dean’s Lecture on 25 October A leading light of t…

    « Leicester, University of »

  4. 19/10/2017 — 21/10/2017

    American College of Cardiology Middle East Conference to Kick Off in Dubai

    ACC will partner with the Emirates Cardiac Society to present new scientific research The American College of Cardiology will host the 8th Emirates…

    « American College of Cardiology »

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