European Science Foundation

EUROPEAN SCIENCE FOUNDATION FOUR DECADES OF SETTING SCIENCE AGENDAS FOR EUROPE ESF is committed to promoting the highest quality science in Europe to drive progress in research and innovation. We work closely with our members, customers and partners, sharing our expertise and offering solution-orientated services aimed at increasing the quality and effectiveness of science and science-related activities in Europe. ESF has had an enormous and lasting impact on the science community within Europe and beyond. With 42 years’ experience in all areas of research, ESF was originally set up as a coordinating body for Europe’s main research funding and research performing organisations. In that time, the Foundation has supported over 2,000 programmes and networks, gathering more than 300,000 scientists from 186 countries through funding from 80 Member Organisations in 30 countries. As the research landscape has evolved, so too has ESF’s role in supporting scientific endeavours. ESF’s traditional research support activities (EUROCORES, European Collaborative Research Projects, Exploratory Workshops, Research Networking Programmes) have been concluded to make room for a new expert services division called Science Connect. Science Connect delivers practical, skilled and interdisciplinary support and consultancy services across all sectors of the science community. ESF continues in its role as host to high-level expert boards and committees, and supports them in achieving their objectives. ESF also continues to serve its member organisations through the following activities: - Access to key decision-makers through its broad network - Strategic advice and road mapping - Support for access to EU funding - Privileged access to scientific services - Specialised seminars and reports <>