Expertanswer (Expertsvar in Swedish) was launched in 2000 to act as a bridge between journalists and Swedish experts and researchers. Expertanswer is the fastest way for journalists to get in touch with the original source within the Swedish research community. Writers can get the researcher's contact details within their timeframe and make it to the deadlines. They can also pick a selection of press releases according to their interests. This media service was created by the KK-foundation and Swedish universities, and it is run by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with other member institutions. It also offers an enquiry service to channel daily questions from journalists looking for the right expert to interview. Press and information officers from all Swedish universities and most university colleges, research institutes and councils are ready on stand-by to answer these questions. To date, Expertanswer has over 6 000 Swedish and international journalists listed and have published over 12 000 news releases on Swedish research.'