National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ)

The National Centre for Nuclear Research is the largest research institute in Poland. Main site of the Institute is located in Swierk, 30 km SE from Warsaw. There are also three scientific departments of NCBJ located in Warsaw (Hoza Str. 69) and one scientific department located in Lodz. NCBJ scientists carry out basic research related to the energy, radiation and constituents of matter. The scope of ??our research includes topics in the field of cosmology and astrophysics, from the physics of interactions, elementary particles, nuclei and atoms, to the physics of new materials and complex systems (natural, industrial, economic and even social ones). Our scientists publish over 500 articles every year in peer-reviewed journals and they participate in researches for which multiple Nobel Prize were awarded. NCBJ is a comprehensive research organization where basic research is supported by the work of scientists, engineers and technicians who develop and manufacture new, unique research equipment. We specialize in construction of accelerators, detectors and data analysis systems. Solutions developed by our constructors and analysts, which were inspired by the needs of experiments exploring the fundamental laws of nature, find successful application in economy, medicine and the area of ??public safety. We produce radioisotopes as well develop and produce radiopharmaceuticals, which are exported to approximately eighty countries. We use the potential of the research reactor Maria - one of the best devices of this type in Europe. We provide unique research and measurement equipment to leading research institutes in the world, to international commercial recipients and to government organizations. We also cooperate with Polish largest business entities. NCBJ educational division educates thousands of students, teachers and the general public annually. Our Science and Technology Park supports the development of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the area of ??advanced technologies, as well local economic and government initiatives. In 2016, NCBJ ranked 10th in Southern and Eastern Europe in the "Nature Index Rising Stars” classification. In 2017, we received the highest A+ category in the assessment of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as one of a few Polish research institutions awarded this distinction.'