European Forest Institute

The European Forest Institute (EFI) is a pan-European international organization. It has 29 Member Countries, and c. 110 member organizations from 37 different countries working in diverse research fields. EFI provides forest-related knowledge around three interconnected and interdisciplinary themes: bioeconomy, resilience and governance. With a staff of over 100 experts in several offices across Europe, EFI is in a unique position to generate, connect and share knowledge at the interface between science and policy. EFI excels in carrying out projects at the European level, and has a track record of over 30 projects carried out for the European Commission DGs during the past few years. EFI puts increasing emphasis on cross-sectoral approaches in its research and development activities. It is thus in a good position to have efficient access to social, economic and environmental expertise covering all of Europe’s bio-geographical regions. The work in the field of policy support includes enhanced support for decision takers and policy makers. For example, the high-level forum on forests, ThinkForest, brings together high-level policy makers and leading European forest scientists to generate science-policy dialogue on strategic forest-related issues. EFI is quickly becoming a leading science-policy platform providing forest-related knowledge to build a sustainable future: connecting knowledge to action.'