Brill wishes to be a leading, internationally operating publishing house in the domains of the Humanities and International Law and in selected fields in the Sciences. A healthy, lasting growth of the company is essential to the realization of its mission. This growth will be achieved by expanding its market share in existing and adjacent markets. By meeting the information requirements of specialized academic target groups and markets, Brill wishes to create value for all the stakeholders who are important to the realization of its strategy. Providing service to authors and readers and to all those in the intermediate chain who are of importance is the core competence of the company. To this end, Brill serves the academic scientific research market. In addition Brill supplies a high-quality, wide range of professionally relevant literature to libraries and individual academics. The demand for electronic products in the markets in which Brill is active is growing steadily. In order to reach clients, several electronic distribution channels are used. Brill has a multimedia publishing policy. All titles are available on publication either in print or electronically.'