SciencePOD stands for Science Prose On-Demand. It provides on-demand, high-quality editorial services, translating complex scientific and technical information into accessible language. Specifically, SciencePOD uses the latest slick tablet and mobile-ready technology to create bespoke online magazines, sponsored newsletters, and many different formats, including articles, podcasts, or video interviews. The resulting content is made accessible to those who matter to our clients via social media and professional distribution networks. SciencePOD produces its jargon-free high-quality editorial content using storytelling. To do so, it relies on an international team of science writers who can operate in any European language to create articles in English. These editorial pieces are then submitted to a quality-controlled editorial process, akin to that of international publishers, involving highly qualified editors and proof readers. The entire editorial process itself is streamlined thanks to SciencePOD’s proprietary cloud-based editorial production platform. Its advantage is that the process is fast, efficient and transparent, allowing clients to review the content prior to publication. We can adapt to all your editorial needs, please contact us at: