Friedrich Schiller University Jena

This semester over 18,000 students attend the university, which was founded in 1558, in the “Green Heart” of Germany.  Thuringia’s largest university values interdisciplinary work and internationalism and puts these goals into action, as seen in the new website.  The reformatting of the site has recently begun, and should continually grow.  Regular visits to will therefore pay off in the future. The largest university with the only university medical center in Thuringia has connections around the world, which can be seen in the “International” section of this site.  The university cooperates with over 240 universities and research institutions, and it works with over 200 partners around the world, from small and middle sizes business as well as global players, in research projects.  Its roots remain in the region, in which numerous clusters developed from the “Alma mater Jenensis”.  These clusters refer to the humanities and social sciences as well as the medical and natural sciences.