Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University was established in 1874 as Hakushima School, but after various transitions, it was combined with eight other schools and re-established in 1949 as the new Hirsoshima University in Higashi-Senda-Cho, Hiroshima City. Hiroshima University has developed along with Hiroshima City, recovering like a phoenix after having suffered the first atomic bomb attack in human history. Based on its founding principle of "a single unified university, free and pursuing peace" and its five guiding principles, Hiroshima University is committed to promoting advanced scientific research that benefits the future of humankind while fostering excellent human resources. Leveraging the outcomes of such efforts, the University continues to contribute to the global community, thereby fulfilling its mission as a "base of knowledge creation." Consisting of 12 schools for undergraduate level and 4 graduate schools, ranging from natural sciences to humanities and social sciences, the university has grown into one of the most distinguished comprehensive research universities in Japan. Accordingly, Hiroshima University is academically diverse and an ideal place for meeting people from various backgrounds and for nurturing a global perspective toward global peace. Hiroshima University is determined to "Aspire to be a University that lets students grow, a University with a strong global presence".