Top Network Biologists Meet in Denmark to Discuss the Exciting Future of Network Medicine

11/05/2012 - 13/05/2012 DTU (Technical University of Denmark)
Location: Elsinore, Denmark
Address Comwell Borupgaard, Snekkersten

This week experts from around the world will meet to discuss how network models can be applied to the study and targeting of complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders.  The discussion will take place at a large symposium hosted by The Integrative Network Biology (INB) and The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The theme of the symposium is the promising new research area of network medicine.

The Integrative Network Biology 2012: Network Medicine will be held in Elsinore (Helsingør), Denmark, from 11 – 13 May 2012.

Network Medicine is a hot topic in the emerging field of Network biology. It involves using cutting-edge technology to conduct large-scale analysis of biological building blocks, such as DNA and proteins, and constructing computer models that predict the way they interact. Scientists expect that these models will be used to find new drug targets, design drugs that attack multiple points in the biological networks of disease development and match personalized treatments to patients’ specific molecular defects.

INB 2012: Network Medicine showcase the latest science from the area of network biology giving delegates unique insights into the future of network medicine and provide journalists with great opportunities for covering ground breaking stories.  

Symposium organizer and guest professor at DTU Systems Biology Dr Rune Linding, says: “Network medicine spans disciplines such as computational biology, systems genetics, tumor biology, cell-cell interactions and molecular pathology, so collaborative meetings such as these are crucial to advancing this important field. We are very excited by the caliber of researchers this meeting has attracted.”

Keynote speakers include
o Ruedi Aebersold (ETH, Switzerland)
o Norbert Perrimon (HMS, USA)
o Michael B. Yaffe (MIT, USA)
o Eng Lim Goh (SGI, USA)

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