MarineTT Project

10/12/2010 Aqua TT Limited

Analyzing the Knowledge outputs from the MarineTT Survey

MarineTT is a timely EC 7th Framework Programme support action in line with the recently approved Ostend Declaration, in which the European marine and maritime science and technology community call upon the European Union and its Member and Associated States “to establish appropriate mechanisms to keep under review current marine and maritime research programmes and projects with a view to enhancing their impact by (i) exploiting the results of this research; and (ii) identifying existing and emerging gaps”. MarineTT aims to make a real contribution to improved access to European Union research results as “to facilitate policy development, decision making, management actions, innovation, education and public awareness” (Ostend Declaration, 2010).

In order to gain a comprehensive overview of the knowledge generated by EU funded marine research, the MarineTT partnership has surveyed, with the support of the European Commission, approximately 500 marine-related FP6 and FP7 projects, from which approximately 30% have replied. Detailed information on the main knowledge outputs and their potential impact to the environment, education, policy makers, industry and the scientific community has been acquired. The MarineTT team is currently analyzing the responses to the surveys, and they will identify knowledge items from the projects which have a high potential impact if transferred. Expert groups will evaluate the results of the analysis and give recommendations for transfer.

The next stage of the MarineTT project will be to consult with key stakeholder groups, who will validate the recommendations of the knowledge analysis. Those knowledge outputs deemed as having high potential impact will be then transferred to target audiences by using appropriate tools and mediums in order to maximise the impact of Europe’s RTD efforts in the marine sector.

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