bell hooks honorary doctor in Sweden

bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins, b. 1952) has been awarded honorary doctorates by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2009. bell hooks has made leading contributions within the Academy’s fields of expertise.

bell hooks (Gloria Jean Watkins, b. 1952) is a US author, feminist and political activist. She is known for having contributed to the creation of the cross-disciplinary subject Gender Studies through teaching and research in the context of contemporary problems and opportunities. One of hooks' main ideas is the necessity of "talking back" to the dominant culture, which tends to be sexist, racist, middle-class and homophobic. She has published about 30 books on subjects ranging from culture criticism to pedagogy. In recent years, her focus has been on sustainable and democratic societies. bell hooks serves as a great source of inspiration to our researchers and students studying cultural science.

A faculty can acknowledge a worthy individual by making him or her an honorary doctor (doctor honoris causa). An honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Art is a mark of appreciation for leading scientific and other academic achievement within the Academy’s fields of expertise. Honorary doctorates are conferred by the faculty board and will be presented at the University of Gothenburg graduation ceremony on the 30th October.

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