Outstanding scientists elected to EMBO Membership

Outstanding scientists elected to EMBO Membership

120 scientists from across Europe and beyond have been elected to the EMBO Membership, an honour that celebrates research excellence and outstanding achievements in the life sciences.

The new EMBO Members and Associate Members have been recognized for accomplishments that cover the spectrum of life science research, including work that has advanced understanding of how infectious disease spreads, the intricacies of ocean nutrient cycles, the mysteries of cellular signalling networks, the secrets of how plants survive in desert environments, and the links between the biology of our brains and our emotions.

EMBO Director Fiona Watt said: “The new EMBO Members and Associate Members have made immense contributions to fundamental life science research, and, in many cases, their work has paved the way for innovations that have improved lives and livelihoods around the world. As EMBO marks its 60th anniversary, we celebrate the pivotal roles played by the EMBO Membership in strengthening international life science research and contributing to the EMBO Programmes and activities. I send my warmest congratulations to all those elected.”

To celebrate EMBO's 60th anniversary, EMBO Council invited the EMBO Membership to elect 100 new EMBO Members and 20 EMBO Associate Members this year. The newly elected Members and Associate Members reside in 37 countries/territories. The new EMBO Members are based in 24 Member States of the EMBC, the intergovernmental organization that funds the main EMBO Programmes and activities. The 20 new Associate Members reside in 13 different countries/territories, including EMBO’s global cooperation partners.

The first EMBO Members were elected in 1964 ­­– that initial group of 169 life scientists has now grown into a community of more than 2,100 EMBO Members and Associate Members. 92 Nobel laureates are amongst those who have previously been elected to the EMBO Membership.
EMBO Members guide the execution of the EMBO Programmes and activities, for example by evaluating funding applications, serving on EMBO Council and committees, and contributing to initiatives such as training, policy, outreach and mentorship. New members are nominated and elected by the existing EMBO Membership.

EMBO will formally welcome the new members at a meeting of the EMBO community between 29 October and 1 November 2024 in Heidelberg, Germany. An online directory listing all EMBO Members and Associate Members, their affiliations, and subject areas is available here.

Selected statistics
  • 120 outstanding life scientists have been elected to the EMBO Membership, comprising 100 EMBO Members and 20 EMBO Associate Members.
  • The new EMBO Members and Associate Members reside in 37 different countries/territories.
  • 49 of the 120 new Members and Associate Members are women (41%) and 71 are men (59%).

The full list of the newly elected Members and Associate Members of EMBO is, in alphabetical order:

New EMBO Members
David J. Adams Hinxton, UK
Asaph Aharoni Rehovot, IL
Ariel Amir Rehovot, IL
Pavel V. Baranov Cork, IE
Wendy S. Barclay London, UK
Allison J. Bardin Paris, FR
Eduard Batlle Barcelona, ES
Oded Béjà Haifa, IL
Pedro Beltrao Zürich, CH
Oliver Billker Umeå, SE
Valérie Borde Paris, FR
Joshua M. Brickman Copenhagen, DK
Silvia Bulgheresi Vienna, AT
Megan R. Carey Lisbon, PT
Susana M. Coelho Tübingen, DE
Lucia Colombo Milan, IT
Alessandro Costa London, UK
Vincenzo Costanzo Milan, IT
László Csanády Budapest, HU
George Davey Smith Bristol, UK
Christos Delidakis Heraklion, GR
Ádám Dénes Budapest, HU
Stefan Diez Dresden, DE
Guillaume Duménil Paris, FR
Myrielle Dupont-Rouzeyrol Nouméa, FR
Arnaud Echard Paris, FR
Maria Falkenberg Gothenburg, SE
Elif Nur Firat-Karalar Istanbul, TR
Uri Frank Galway, IE
Jonathan Gershenzon Jena, DE
René Geurts Wageningen, NL
Angela Giangrande Illkirch, FR
Sebastian Glatt Kraków, PL
Nadine Gogolla Munich, DE
Nick Goldman Cambridge, UK
Inbal Goshen Jerusalem, IL
Nir S. Gov Rehovot, IL
Ita Gruic-Sovulj Zagreb, HR
Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow Bonn, DE
Georg Halder Leuven, BE
Olivier Hamant Lyon, FR
Ricardo Henriques Oeiras, PT
Martin W. Hetzer Klosterneuburg, AT
Susan P. Holmes Stanford, US
Martin Howard Norwich, UK
Juha Huiskonen Helsinki, FI
Denis Jabaudon Geneva, CH
Martin Jínek Zürich, CH
Marko Kaksonen Geneva, CH
Ewelina Knapska Warsaw, PL
Lumir Krejci Brno, CZ
Nick Lane London, UK
Claudia Langenberg London, UK
Zdeněk Lánský Prague, CZ
Tuuli Lappalainen Stockholm, SE
Melissa H. Little, AC Copenhagen, DK
Ingrid Lohmann Heidelberg, DE
Sally Lowell Edinburgh, UK
Wenbo Ma Norwich, UK
Ivan Matić Cologne, DE
Zoltán Molnár Oxford, UK
Anna Moroni Milan, IT
László G. Nagy Szeged, HU
Kathy K. Niakan Cambridge, UK
Mats Nilsson Stockholm, SE
Ruth Nussinov Frederick, US
Snezhana Oliferenko London, UK
Rui F. Oliveira Lisbon, PT
Isabel M Palacios London, UK
Philippe Pasero Montpellier, FR
Silvia Pastoreková Bratislava, SK
Nenad Pavin Zagreb, HR
Arturas Petronis Vilnius, LT
Corné M.J. Pieterse Utrecht, NL
Benjamin Podbilewicz Haifa, IL
Gabriele Procaccini Naples, IT
Britta Qualmann Jena, DE
Emma L. Rawlins Cambridge, UK
Jochen C. Rink Göttingen, DE
Asya Rolls Haifa, IL
Owen J. Sansom Glasgow, UK
Mikhail M. Savitski Heidelberg, DE
Paola Scaffidi Milan, IT
Mónica M. Sousa Porto, PT
Maria Grazia Spillantini Cambridge, UK
Tanja Stadler Basel, CH
Ulrich Technau Vienna, AT
Aleksandra Trifunovic Cologne, DE
Leoš Shivaya Valášek Prague, CZ
Jacco van Rheenen Amsterdam, NL
Teva Vernoux Lyon, FR
John Vontas Heraklion, GR
Steven West Exeter, UK
Jonathan R. Whitlock Trondheim, NO
Joachim Wittbrodt Heidelberg, DE
Emre Yaksi Trondheim, NO
Karina Yaniv Rehovot, IL
Leonie S. Young Dublin, IE
Peijun Zhang Oxford, UK
Alena Zíková České Budějovice, CZ

New EMBO Associate Members
Karen Adelman Boston, US
Dominique C. Bergmann Stanford, US
Helen M. Blau Stanford, US
Miguel L. Concha Santiago, CL
Rodrigo A. Gutiérrez Santiago, CL
Luis Herrera-Estrella Irapuato, MX
Oliver Hobert New York, US
Erika L.F. Holzbaur Philadelphia, US
Gou Young Koh Daejeon, KR
Rong Li Singapore, SG
James C. Liao Taipei, TW
Tak Wah Mak Toronto, CA
Moustapha Mbow Dakar, SN
Hozumi Motohashi Sendai, JP
Zihe Rao Beijing, CN
Aviv Regev South San Francisco, US
Shubha Tole Mumbai, IN
Pablo Wappner Buenos Aires, AR
Zhenbiao Yang Shenzhen, CN
Alpha S. Yap Brisbane, AU
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