Trust in Expertise in a Changing Media Landscape

18/03/2021 - 19/03/2021 UCD Research and Innovation
Location: Online

This multidisciplinary conference will bring together outstanding researchers from all over the world to discuss how best to assess, establish and maintain the credibility and trustworthiness of expertise in a rapidly changing media environment. Scholars will present their latest findings on questions of trust and trustworthiness, expertise, science and technology, policy, and the media. Topics range from the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, conspiracy theories, to Chinese chicken soup and shark attacks as examples of contested science communication in social media events.

Programme: Trust in Expertise a Changing Media Landscape


PERITIA is an EU-funded project investigating public trust in expertise.

In a world increasingly relying on knowledge, trust in trustworthy expertise is essential to achieve progress and well-being. We need experts to help policymakers and citizens take the correct decisions in important matters like health or climate change.

As many people in Europe and the world, we are worried about a populist backlash against the notion of “expertise”. With an international multi-disciplinary team, PERITIA seeks to help citizens and policymakers learn to trust trustworthy expertise. By doing so, we aim to enhance trust in a better democratic governance for the future of Europe.

PERITIA is led by Professor Maria Baghramian, UCD School of Philosophy.

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