Special Issue, Volume 10 of Inter Faculty - Resonance

The Special Issue, Volume 10, of Inter Faculty takes up the theme of resonance in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and its ensuing societal shifts. For, the pandemic this year (2020) reminded us more than ever that we live in ‘VUCA’ – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Many things that used to be taken for granted up until a year ago crumbled abruptly and globally. The pandemic struck many aspects or our societies such as public health, economy and social bonds thereby uncovering the vulnerability of the modern society. Universities are no exception to this. Just as one nation by itself cannot tackle these global challenges, neither can these challenges be solved by a single discipline.

Resonance then, gives voice to individual researchers from a broad spectrum of the human and social sciences. From their different perspectives and interpretations of the present upheavals facing our contemporary societies, a wider consideration becomes apparent – that humankind is at a critical turning point in relation to the planet and its natural world.

Keywords: resonance, impact of Covid-19, VUCA, pandemic, solidarity, anthropocene, care, social distance, social discrimination, education

Peer Reviewed Articles

Part I.
Christopher ELSON, French, Canadian and European Studies (Canada) – In the Covid: Some Reflections for Our Resonant Situation;

Thierry MARTIN, Logiques de l’agir (France) – La pandémie de 2020 : peur des autres, peur pour les autres ; incertitude et dogmatisme;

Eric MACÉ, Social Sciences of Contemporary Change (France) – The Anthropocene Turning Point: A New Historicity of Social Relations

Part II.
Andrej BEKEŠ, Asian Studies (Slovenia) Dissonance: Coexistence with Foreigners vs. Coronavirus Epidemic Countermeasures in Japan;

Elena BOVO, Logiques de l’agir (France) – Confinement et foule virtuelle : Rationalité médicale et panique collective;

Thomas BRISSON, Political Science (France) – The ‘World After’: On the Pandemic and the Anthropocene;

Aleš BUČAR RUČMAN, Criminal Justice and Security (Slovenia) – What Does the (In)ability to React to the Covid-19 Coronavirus Reveal About Our Societies?;

Irina CHONGAROVA-ARON, Business School (UK) – Reflections on Personal Experiences of Migration During the Current Pandemic in the Context of Psychotherapeutic Communication;

Luka CULIBERG, Asian Studies (Slovenia) – Quo Vadis, University?;

John EADE, Social Sciences (UK) – The 2020 Pandemic and Cities: London as a Case Study;

Salah HANNACHI, Tunisia-Japan Friendship Association (Tunisia) – Lessons from COVID-19: Human Solidarity a Third Pillar for TICAD;

Joji KIJIMA, Global Initiatives (Japan) –- Another Time of Renewal: Pandemics, Power, and Knowledge;

Giorgio MARINONI and Hilligje van’t LAND, International Association of Universities (International/France) – Consequences of COVID-19 on Future Society: Some Reflections from the Higher Education Sector;

Raimundo OLFOS, Soledad ESTRELLA, Instituto de Matemáticas (Chile) and Masami ISODA, Research on International Cooperation in Educational Development (Japan) – A Chilean Educational Initiative to Mitigate the Impact on Mathematics Learning in Grade 1 Students During the Covid-19 Lockdown;

Vesna POŽGAJ HADŽI, Department of Slavistics (Slovenia) – The Impact of Covid-19: From a Culture of Teaching Towards a Culture of Learning;

Part III.
Daniel LEBAUD, ELLIAD (France) – De Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité aux mots pour dire la pandémie de la Covid-19;

Rajko MURŠIČ, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology (Slovenia)– Pandemic in a Globalised World: Slovenian Perspectives;

Ioan ROXIN, Multimedia Centre (France) - Quel apprentissage après cette expérience philosophique planétaire ?

Preface by:
Jun IKEDA, Humanities and Social Sciences (Japan) – Foreword;
Saburo AOKI, Humanities and Social Sciences (Japan) – About Resonance

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Inter Faculty – Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Human and Social Sciences