Introducing Paul Sibley, new Managing Director at AlphaGalileo

13/01/2021 AlphaGalileo Ltd
Paul has gained more than 30 years’ experience as a financial controller and accountant while working for several major London companies. These include an accountancy practice, two commodities traders, two privately-owned language schools and several insurance companies including L&G and Lombard. Paul combines his duties at AlphaGalileo with work as an accountant for a commercial insurance broker and will continue to provide financial control and accounts management to AlphaGalileo in conjunction with his new role as Managing Director. Paul joined AlphaGalileo in March 2007 as a part-time management accountant and has gradually increased his involvement as the Company has grown substantially during this period.

Paul enjoys watching live and televised sport and has played football and cricket for many years. Paul represented Surrey schools and played in the top division of the Surrey Championship for several years as a cricketer and currently plays for a local football team.

Paul has travelled extensively throughout Europe, South East Asia and North America and enjoys sightseeing, learning about different cultures and sampling traditional dishes. He hopes to visit Australasia and South America in the future. Paul is fascinated by watching and reading about natural history and is a keen gardener in his spare time.

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