Founder of AlphaGalileo, Peter Green, retires

26/11/2020 AlphaGalileo Ltd
Peter Green (73), Managing Director and founder of the long-running AlphaGalileo research news service will retire from the Company from 1 January 2021.

Peter founded AlphaGalileo in 1998 to ensure that news from all aspects of research received the widest exposure to the world’s media. “For over 20 years AlphaGalileo has provided a friendly and authoritative service, independent of any commercial publisher or pressure group, to research organisations and the media.”

“AlphaGalileo grew out of a desire by the European media for access to research news from around the world. We now serve Singapore, Korea, Japan, North America, Russia and, of course, Europe.”

“I am proud that AlphaGalileo is one of the oldest Internet services,” he concluded.

Peter will succeeded by Paul Sibley, who is currently Finance Director; Figen Eker remains News Director; and Kate Bourne becomes Director of Technology. Peter will continue to be available to the Company in advisory role.
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  • Peter Green, Founder of AlphaGalileo.