A New Era for Africa-EU Science and Innovation Partnerships

26 July 2020 Pretoria and Brussels: The Africa-EU AERAP science platform will organise a virtual conference on the 9-10 September 2020. Entitled “A New Era for Africa-EU Science and Innovation Partnerships”, the meeting will bring together scientists, innovators, networks policymakers and other key stakeholders. The AERAP platform has been in existence since 2012 when South Africa and its partner countries won the right to host the SKA. AERAP has widened its scope beyond radio astronomy sciences to serve as an engagement platform for Africa-EU science collaboration more generally.

The objectives of the meeting will include the following:
  • Enable and promote discussion on issues were science and innovation can contribute to Africa-EU cooperation, in light of the EU-Africa strategy;
  • Support awareness of key instruments to support Africa-EU science and innovation cooperation and partnerships;
  • Promote discussion for Africa-EU science cooperation within the context of the “Build Back Better” process;
  • Encourage dialogue between policymakers and scientists;
  • Increase the level and range of science and innovation partnerships between the EU and Africa, in particular concerning women, and others need to be included;
  • Explore synergies between EU states and the Africa States within the broader context of EU Africa science collaboration;
  • Support the dissemination of information to facilitate increased engagements among stakeholders;
  • respond to the opportunities for cooperation under the green deal and digital economy processes presented by the European Union;
  • Explore alignment between EU-Africa cooperation United Nations SDGs including supporting the awareness of and contribution of science to the SDGs.
The virtual conference will bring together representatives from every Africa nation and every EU member state. It will be an essential occasion to facilitate dialogue, deepen and strengthen EU-Africa cooperation and maximise the potential of EU initiatives to make a difference in supporting Africa science.

The agenda and speakers will be published on 10 August 2020, along with the Zoom URL.

Registration is available here: