An Award for Scientific Dreams

This year’s Dream Chemistry Award contest has just been launched. This is the only competition in which it is nor hitherto achievements that are rewarded, but inspiring, chemical ideas. The ideas submitted must meet only one condition: they must be related to chemistry.

As in previous years, young scientists are nominated by prominent scientists invited by the Scientific Committee. They can do so until 31st July, 2020. Nominees must be no more than 37 years old and must have a PhD defended in 2013 or later.

Aspiring researchers nominated for this year's Dream Chemistry Award have until 31st August to submit their CV together with a list of scientific publications and the project of the chemical dreams they would like to bring about.

"We are counting on ideas with great potential; taking on global challenges, but not necessarily ready for quick implementation. Above all, we reward innovative questions and research strategies, and an original approach to solving problems," say Robert Hołyst and Pavel Jungwirth, the competition coordinators.

Winners in previous years have set a high standard. Last year's winner, Yujia Qing convinced the jury with her vision of "sequencing life". She intends to create a universal tool for parallel sequencing and analysis of all polymer structures (not only DNA) obtained from cells. If she succeeds, researchers of molecular sources of life will gain a fantastic tool.

A year earlier, the main prize was awarded to Dr. Eric Głowacki for his project to create cheap, safe and effective catalysts allowing for the generation, storage and release of energy using hydrogen peroxide. H2O2 is a great, absolutely carbon-free fuel. Thanks to the dream of a young researcher, the world may gain an efficient method of energy storage. And energy storage is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind in the age of departure from traditional power plants.

Three years ago, Dr. Jessica R. Kramer won first prize for her visionary idea of creating a completely new generation of anti-cancer drugs based on artificially synthesized glycocalyx - a protective, sugar cell coating.

We will present the shortlist of this year's finalists on 11th October, 2020 and invite all five to present their projects to the Scientific Committee. The official presentations will take place on 30th November and the winner will be announced on 1st December, 2020.

All finalists will receive 1000 Euro each. The main winner will receive the main prize: the Dream Chemistry Award statuette and 10,000 euros.
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