Finnish forest statistics 2019 – a hefty data package in print and online

Publication title: Suomen metsätilastot 2019
Author: Aarre Peltola, Antti Ihalainen, Elina Mäki-Simola, Tiina Sauvula-Seppälä, Jukka Torvelainen, Esa Uotila, Eeva Vaahtera ja Esa Ylitalo
Publication type: Book (Paperback)
Finnish forest statistics 2019 is a compilation of key statistics of Finnish forests, forestry and forest industries. The book also discusses nature and forest protection. In addition to tables and texts, the book features diverse information graphics. The book comes completely in two languages – all data is presented in Finnish and in English.

"The book of Finnish forest statistics has a 50-year history, and its content has continuously been developed to meet current data needs. It is a compilation of key data produced by the Finnish system of forest statistics,” says senior statistician Aarre Peltola, the book’s editor-in-chief.

For example, the book’s content can be used to monitor the sustainable use of forests and changes in forest carbon stocks. Regional data is mainly from 2018, and the book also contains longer time series for each theme.

In addition to the printed version, the book is also available online, free of charge. Tables in the online version include direct links to data collected from Luke’s statistical database. Readers can save this data on their own computer for further processing. Any data that cannot be found directly from Luke’s databases can be downloaded as Excel files.

The price of the 200-page book is EUR 50 + postage. The online version is available free of charge.

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Finnish Forest Statistics 2019, online version

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Finnish forest statistics 2019 – a hefty data package in print and online, Peltola, Aarre (2020),

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