New Journal: Brill Research Perspectives in Popular Culture

13/09/2018 Brill
Author: Brill
Publication type: Journal
Brill Research Perspectives in Popular Culture is the title of a new peer-reviewed journal and reference publication that features studies exploring all aspects of popular culture today, from its traditional platforms, audiences and traditional electronic media, to contemporary digital media.

The intended audience of Brill Research Perspectives in Popular Culture is the network of scholars and instructors involved in popular culture studies and cognate disciplines (Psychology, Culture Studies, Literary Criticism, Anthropology, Musicology, Sociology, Neuroscience, and Art Criticism). Each issue will be available online and in print, with the first two issues planned for publication in 2019.

Brill Research Perspectives combine the verification of peer review, the high usage of reference works, and the pedagogy of textbooks. Designed for research communities in the Humanities, International Law, and Social Sciences, these journals distil the vast body of literature in a field into a more digestible format while linking to the primary sources.