Your Guide to Delight. On Creating Health, Dealing With Change, and Digital Twins

16/05/2018 Ghent University
Publication title: Your Guide to Delight. On Creating Health, Dealing With Change, and Digital Twins
Author: Koen Kas
Publication type: Book (Hardback)
Publication date: 15/05/2018
Number of pages: 229
ISBN number: 9789492944078
Price: 22 2

How are you going to 'delight' someone tomorrow?

Delight is the experience closest to magic, yet still concrete. I show a strategy and hundreds of examples on how 'Delight thinking' allows us to innovate & to create a future in which we move away from reactive sick care to proactive health care. Where we get ill no more. Managing change allows us to remain healthy and 'young' for a long time. I’ll introduce those changes linked to the digital (AI, sensors, IoT, ...) and the upcoming biological (genomics) revolutions, and explain why they will sometimes be 'frightening'. I use the powerful 'Garden of earthly Delights' by Jeroen Bosch to interpret the challenges (men vs machine, dealing with privacy, the right not to know).

In addition to dealing with change, I foresee we will soon have a digital twin brother / sister. Our virtual alter ego that becomes our personal assistant. Almost like magic. Or even more so, like the Chinese village doctor from the past who knew everything about me and therefore could keep me healthy. And got paid for it. Welcome to the future, today. Perfectly applicable for coaching students, talent and leadership of tomorrow. And to keep yourself ‘young’ and your organisation relevant.

Koen Kas is a health care futurist, entrepreneur, professor of oncology, and international keynote speaker. He is revolutionizing health care by helping leaders prepare their organizations for future realities. He is pioneering the novel concept of Delight thinking, combining Real World data with design & business model innovations into novel experiences redefining Health. His talks on innovation & creativity, against the background of the digital & biological revolutions, are visual game changers with actionable ideas to apply the day after.