African research excellence and the media

01/02/2018 AlphaGalileo Ltd

Research by African institutions is conspicuous by its almost complete absence in western media. Research about Africa is carried by AlphaGalileo, but it is always undertaken by organisations based outside Africa. We believe that this must change. African research excellence must be recognised.

AlphaGalileo was created to encourage better use of the media by the research community. Research freely undertaken and with its results widely disseminated underpins democracy. Better media coverage of research supports wealth creation; encourages young people to consider careers in research and supports the creation of a scientifically literate populations.

AlphaGalileo provides an effective and independent source of breaking research news to research organisations in Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the USA.

To encourage the African research community to engage with the media, AlphaGalileo is offering its service at a reduced rate to African institutions and as an extra incentive we will take news from African peer-reviewed journals free of charge for a limited period.

Media use of the Service remains free to all journalists, whether based in Africa or elsewhere.

AlphaGalileo is grateful for the support that the World Federation of Science Journalists, SciDev and Afriscitech, have already given to this initiative.

If your univeristy or publisher would like to take up this offer or if you can offer your support to our efforts please get in touch.

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