Results of NIEHS’ National Toxicology Program GSM/CDMA phone radiation study to be presented at BioEM2016 conference in Ghent

05/06/2016 - 10/06/2016 Ghent University
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Address Culture and Convention Center Het Pand

From 5-10 June 2016, the leading international conference in the area of bioelectromagnetics will take place in Ghent. The BioEM2016 is the joint annual meeting of the BEMS (  and EBEA ( societies, organised this year  by the WAVES research group of Prof. Luc Martens (Ghent University and iMinds). More than 300 researchers from 41 countries are joining the conference.

On Wednesday June 8, the partial findings of National Toxicology Program (NTP) study on cell phone radiofrequency radiation will be presented for the first time since officially released in the media last week. This is the largest and most comprehensive toxicology and carcinogenesis study in rodents exposed to GSM/CDMA signals ever performed, and the results were long awaited by the scientific community. For many the results are unexpected, showing occurrences of tumours in the exposed male Sprague Dawley SD rats.

“The NTP study was designed to test the hypothesis that cell phone radiation could not cause adverse health effects and to provide dose-response data for any detected toxic or carcinogenic effects. The results from this study clearly show that the null (no-effect) hypothesis has been disproved”, says Dr. Ron Melnick who had initiated the study and retired from NIEHS in 2009 .

“We are very happy that the principal researcher of the NTP study, Dr. Michael Wyde, is coming to the conference to present the findings and participate in an open plenary discussion. It proves that the BioEM2016 is the premier event for researchers in bioelectromagnetics”, concludes Prof. Luc Martens, chair of the BioEM2016 conference.

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