New software for developing low cost apps

The software company Sisoft of Mexico launched ROMOB to the Latin American market, the first tool or framework created for the easy development of mobile applications, reducing the production cost by 30 percent.

Currently, to develop mobile applications the native language of the operating system (Android or iOS) in the device is used, which represents different kind of work for each of the platforms where the app is planed to launch.

"The difference when designing applications with ROMOB is that is not needed to be a specialist in technological development to manage it properly. The simplicity with which it works facilitates its development, because it has different default templates include navigation buttons and menus to complement the application, "said Adonai Aranda Flandes, sales manager at Sisoft of Mexico, company specializing in computer technology.

ROMOB uses XML and HTML 5 language, which opens the possibility for anyone with intermediate programming skills to learn quickly how to use this tool. Also, the default software templates include several features that can be added to the mobile apps like a QR reader, web container, geolocation maps, social networking connectivity, document viewing, audio and video.

When mobile applications are developed by traditional means various specialists are needed to code the application for each operating system (iOS and Android), which represents an increase in cost and time of production.

With the Mexican software, this situation is avoided because the XML language is neutral, and only needs a developer which creates an application project and divides it for each of the different platforms. With this, an app can be launched simultaneously in every virtual app store for its download.

The software was created with young entrepreneurs in mind. The goal is that recently graduated students from applied mathematics and computer web design can start their own companies and produce basic and intermediate level applications for small and medium enterprises.

For advertising agencies, it may be used as a new tool, for example, a catalog of books, clothes or even paintings in the case of an artist that by uploading their entire collection to an on-line store can be shared from every smartphone or tablet.

Currently, Sisoft has begun to dabble in college education, forming a partnership with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) to incorporate ROMOB system in the graduate programs of the Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computing, as well as to the studies plan of Computer, Industrial, Mechatronics and Telecommunications engineering, respectively. (Agencia ID)


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