Weatherwise Magazine Announces Annual Photo Contest Winners

23/09/2014 Taylor & Francis

Over a dozen photos were recognized, each featuring various meteorological phenomenon.

Photos came in from around the country, featuring various weather phenomenon from double rainbows to up close and personal tornado funnels. But in the end, there was only one Grand Prize winner in Weatherwise Magazine’s 2014 Photo Contest.

Marcus Prazniak of El Cerrito, CA captured the Grand Prize for his December 2013 photo of green flash taken in Albany, CA. Prazniak was also awarded Second Prize for another photo of crepuscular rays, taken in Sparks, NV in September 2013.

The entries were judged based on four main criteria: the rarity of the phenomenon, its beauty or “awesomeness,” artistic composition, and quality and integrity of the photograph. 

Contest judge Stanley Gedzelman explained that the judging process is taken quite seriously.

“Lively discussion follows in which we give reasons for our individual preferences,” Gedzelman said.

In addition to the grand prize, there were also one First Prize winner, two Second Place winners, three Third Prize winners, and several Honorable Mentions.

These photos, over a dozen photos in all, are featured in the September issue of Weatherwise Magazine, including spectacular storm clouds and lightning storms, icicles covering trees in Wisconsin from the brutal winter, and breaking waves during a storm in Guam.

Attached files
  • Jan Curtis of Gresham, OR snapped this photo of cumulonimbus clouds, good for third prize. Photo Courtesy of Jan Curtis
  • Scott L. Caldwell of Milton, IN gained Honorable Mention for his photo of this approaching storm front. Photo Courtesy of Scott L. Caldwell
  • Rick Schmidt of Topeka, KS took this photo of a tornado back in 2012, which won Honorable Mention. Photo Courtesy of Rick Schmidt

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