Latest news releases

  1. 24/08/2017

    Do you brood too much?

    Your mind begins to churn, and you start brooding about something that’s happened or worry about what's going to happen. Most people have had this exp…

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

  2. 24/08/2017

    A mobile phone showing the HEY Shake user winning a prize after shaking at an NTU campus video

    NTU start-up launches new app that could shake up conventional video viewing

    Peer reviewed paper

    A start-up from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has launched an innovative mobile app that allows viewers to interact with…

    Nanyang Technological University

  3. 24/08/2017

    Figure 1. Visualization of findings. (credit: Osaka University)

    New drug targets for a rare kidney and liver disease

    Peer reviewed paper

    In a joint international study, researchers from Osaka University have partnered with research groups from the United States and Spain to uncover how…

    Osaka University

  4. 24/08/2017

    Figure 1. High-performance microreactor produced by developed manufacturing technology. (credit: Osaka University)

    Low-cost production technology for sophisticated microreactors by surface finishing technique using water

    Researchers from Osaka University and Crystal Optics Inc., developed a manufacturing method for nano- and micro-scale structures. This technology has…

    Osaka University

  5. 23/08/2017

    Anglers’ delight as algal blooms breakthrough highlights innovative science

    Millions of fish-deaths caused by toxic Prymnesium algal blooms could be prevented with the application of a household chemical best known for bleachi…

    John Innes Centre

  6. 23/08/2017

    Les muscles livrent leurs secrets

    Peer reviewed paper

    Gros plan sur la mécanique musculaire Les problèmes musculaires vont de la simple entorse consécutive à l’effort aux maladies graves, telles que l’i…

    « McGill University »

Forthcoming events

  1. 28/09/2017 — 29/09/2017

    Coffee - credit Taffpixture, Shutterstock

    Darwin’s Coffee House: Exploring the science behind your cup of coffee

    In celebration of International Coffee Day (1 October 2017), six of the largest bioscience societies in the UK are organising a two-day public event s…

    British Ecological Society (BES)

  2. 29/08/2017 — 01/09/2017

    57th ERSA CONGRESS "Social Progress for Resilient Regions"

    In a world of rapid economic and technological change, resilient regions with sustainable socio-economic structures and institutions are more importan…

    European Regional Science Association

  3. 09/11/2017 — 10/11/2017

    Particle-Based Materials Symposium

    The goal is to bring together scientists from different communities that all share the goal of creating functionality in materials using particles. A…

    INM - Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien gGmbH

  4. 11/10/2017 — 13/10/2017


    Nanosafety 2017

    Nanotechnologies are considered as key enabling technologies. Their applications are based on effects arising from the promising properties and struct…

    INM - Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien gGmbH

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