Latest news releases

  1. 27/05/2016

    Journal of Dairy Science® Announces two new article collections

    Free article collections on stocking density for dairy cattle and lactic acid bacteria are now available from the Journal of Dairy Science as a servic…

    « Elsevier »

  2. 27/05/2016

    Intracellular localization of ANKRD55 in Jurkat, SH-SY5Y and PMA-treated U937 cells.

    ANKRD55: A new gene involved in Multiple Sclerosis is discovered

    Peer reviewed paper

    The Ikerbasque researcher Koen Vandenbroeck, who heads the Neurogenomiks laboratory which reports to the Achucarro centre and the UPV/EHU-University…

    University of the Basque Country

  3. 27/05/2016

    Der Schlafmohn Papaver somniferum bildet ebenso wie andere Mohn- und Berberitzengewächse eine Vielzahl von Isochinolin-Alkaloiden. (Foto: Dirk Hoffmeister/FSU)

    Pilze und Pflanzen gehen gleiche Wege in der Alkaloid-Synthese

    Peer reviewed paper

    Der Schimmelpilz Aspergillus fumigatus bildet eine Gruppe bislang unbekannter Naturstoffe, die in Anlehnung an pflanzliche Isochinolin-Alkaloide als F…

    Friedrich Schiller University Jena

  4. 27/05/2016

    Breadseed poppies Papaver somniferum as well as many other poppy and barberry plants produce many Isochinoline alkaloids. (Photo: Dirk Hoffmeister/FSU)

    Moulds and plants share similar ways in alkaloid biosynthesis

    Peer reviewed paper

    The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus produces a group of previously unknown natural products. With reference to plant isoquinoline alkaloids, these substa…

    Friedrich Schiller University Jena

  5. 27/05/2016

    Malleodectes by Peter Schouten

    Extinct family of bizarre snail-eating marsupials discovered

    Peer reviewed paper

    An international team of palaeontologists have identified an entirely new family of extinct marsupial mammals from northern Australia. The family ha…

    Salford, The University of

  6. 27/05/2016

    European Science Foundation presents 40 year archive to the Historical Archives of the European Union

    The 40-year archive of the European Science Foundation (ESF) has been officially presented to the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) in…

    European Science Foundation

Forthcoming events

  1. 02/06/2016 — 05/06/2016

    Inward Out by Guy Dartnell

    Performance and Mindfulness Symposium

    Performance and Mindfulness Symposium attracts delegates from around the world.  The University of Huddersfield is leading the research into exploring…

    Huddersfield, The University of

  2. 26/05/2016 — 27/05/2016

    Interdisciplinarity and Issues concerning Women in Research

    Today, Science Europe joins research councils from across the world in addressing interdisciplinarity and issues concerning women in research Science…

    « Science Europe »

  3. 17/06/2016 — 25/06/2016

    Designing Digital Now

    A critical look at how we are shaping digital technologies and, in turn, how digital technologies are shaping us is captured in a new exhibition in Li…

    Lancaster University

  4. 27/07/2016 — 31/07/2016

    Professor James Halloran, Director of the University of Leicester’s Mass Communication Research Centre, photographed in June 1975 holding a ceremonial sword and scabbard presented to him after receiving the degree of Honorary Doctor of Social Sciences at a ceremony at Finland's University of Tampere, in recognition of his work in the field of mass communications research.

    University of Leicester celebrates 50th anniversary of UK’s first mass communication research centre

    2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the University of Leicester’s Centre for Mass Communication Research – the first Centre of its kind studying mass c…

    « Leicester, University of »

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