Latest news releases

  1. 17/10/2017

    3D mapping of rooms using radar

    Engineers from University Alliance Ruhr have developed novel signal processing methods for imaging and material characterisation with the aid of radar…


  2. 17/10/2017

    Dr. Andrea Alberti vom Institut für Angewandte Physik der Universität Bonn. (c) Foto: Jose C. Gallego

    Hütchenspiel im Mikrokosmos

    Peer reviewed paper

    Ein internationales Forscherteam hat einen neuen Weg vorgeschlagen, über den sich Atome oder Ionen durch Austausch ihrer Positionen ununterscheidbar m…

    Universität Bonn

  3. 17/10/2017

    Dr. Andrea Alberti from the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) at University of Bonn. (c) Photo: Jose C. Gallego

    ‘Find the Lady’ in the quantum world

    Peer reviewed paper

    An international team of researchers has proposed a new way to make atoms or ions indistinguishable by swapping their positions. These particles are t…

    Universität Bonn

  4. 17/10/2017

    Parmis Blomgran

    Corticosteroids aid healing – if the timing is right

    Peer reviewed paper

    A corticosteroid can improve the healing of damaged tendons, but it must be given at the right time, according to a new study from Linköping Universit…

    Linköping Universitet

  5. 17/10/2017

    Professor Nigel Mason with the Velocity Map Imaging spectrometer

    Quantum physics paves the way for new chemical products

    Peer reviewed paper

    Research by an OU molecular physicist has discovered that electrons can control chemical reactions in experiments leading to purer, cheaper chemical…

    Open University

  6. 17/10/2017

    How bees find their way home

    Peer reviewed paper

    How can a bee fly straight home in the middle of the night after a complicated route through thick vegetation in search of food? For the first time, r…

    Lund University

Forthcoming events

  1. 19/10/2017 — 21/10/2017

    American College of Cardiology Middle East Conference to Kick Off in Dubai

    ACC will partner with the Emirates Cardiac Society to present new scientific research The American College of Cardiology will host the 8th Emirates…

    « American College of Cardiology »

  2. 17/10/2017 — 19/10/2017

    Prof. Dr. Britta Wrede, deputy CITEC-coordinator, is one of the organizers of the “Human Agent Interaction” conference. Photo: Bielefeld University

    From Avatar Assistants, to Robots as Therapy Aides

    “Human Agent Interaction” Conference held in Bielefeld with 150 researchers Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and the Google Assistant are all examples of agent…

    Universitaet Bielefeld

  3. 16/11/2017 — 16/11/2020

    Why school is bad for us – lessons we need to learn

    Millions of children could fail at school due to an obsession with individual assessment, literacy skills and the right kind of behaviour, according…

    Open University

  4. 16/10/2017 — 18/10/2017

    Interview availability with scientist who predicted LIGO astronomy news 30 years ago

    On Monday, scientists representing LIGO, Virgo, and some 70 observatories will reveal new details and discoveries made in the ongoing search for gravi…

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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