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  1. 22/01/2017

    Coating a tube made of non-conductive polymer with a very thin layer of platinum is a simple option for a filtration membrane. © 2016 KAUST

    Extracting more from wastewater

    Peer reviewed paper

    A material made by combining a metal and a polymer can help generate hydrogen and fresh water from wastewater. Fresh water scarcity and energy secur…

    « KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology »

  2. 21/01/2017

    Kim Innes

    Meditation and music may help reverse early memory loss in adults at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

    Peer reviewed paper

    In a recent study of adults with early memory loss, a West Virginia University research team lead by Dr. Kim Innes found that practice of a simple med…

    IOS Press

  3. 20/01/2017

    Am Campus der Vetmeduni Vienna wurde heute das neue, länderübergreifende Exzellenzzentrum für Geflügelernährung und - gesundheit, CEPI, feirerlich eröffnet. Im Bild von links: Vizerektor Dr. Otto Doblhoff-Dier (Vetmeduni Vienna), Dr. Attlia Csorbai (Päsident Ungarischer Geflügelproduktrat), Prof. Michael Hess (Vetmeduni Vienna), Botschaftsrätin Dr. Nóra Tefner, Prof. Károly Dublecz (Georgikon Fakultät), DI Michael Wurzer (Zentrale AG d. öst. Geflügelwirtschaft), Dr. Ylva Huber (FFG), Mag. Harald Schliessnig (Öst. Qualitätsgeflügelvereinigung). (Foto: Susanne Wurm-Kukla)

    Startschuss für länderübergreifendes Exzellenzzentrum für Geflügelernährung und - gesundheit

    Fortschritte bei der Ernährung und Gesundheit in der Geflügelproduktion sind das Ziel des neuen Centre of Excellence for Poultry Innovation. Das vom P…

    Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

  4. 20/01/2017

    Norwegian app allows rapid communication of healthcare recommendations

    A collaboration between the MAGIC non-profit research and innovation programme and the British Medical Journal will enable updated treatment guideline…

    University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine

  5. 20/01/2017

    As New Administration & Congress Take Office, Geriatrics Experts Highlight Programs, Policies, Principles Essential to Supporting Older Adults

    Peer reviewed paper

    Two new articles in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society address what the new leadership in the White House and continued Republican leaders…

    « Wiley »

  6. 20/01/2017

    A new principle for epigenetic changes

    Peer reviewed paper

    In a new study, researchers at Uppsala University have found evidence of a new principle for how epigenetic changes can occur. The principle is based…

    Uppsala Universitet

Forthcoming events

  1. 20/01/2017

    McGIll's Andy Gonzalez

    McGill presents blueprint for a better planet at Davos

    Researchers propose ideas on shaping a sustainable future How can we accommodate the needs of the world’s current population for sufficient food and…

    « McGill University »

  2. 21/08/2017 — 26/08/2017

    Hoja informativa

    Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4)

    Ya está abierto el plazo de inscripción en la Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4) que tras dos exitosas ediciones en Heidelberg (2013) y Oxford (…


  3. 21/08/2017 — 26/08/2017

    Curso sobre Espeleotemas

    Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4)

    After two successful editions in Heidelberg (2013) and Oxford (2015), next the Summer School on Speleothem Science (S4) will be held in Burgos, thanks…


  4. 17/01/2017


    Davos presentation: McGill's Graham MacDonald "Precision tracking of agricultural trade to render food systems more sustainable." #wef17

    Graham MacDonald is Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University presents today Tuesday, January 17 Congress Centre – Scien…

    « McGill University »

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