Latest news releases

  1. 09/12/2016

    Professor Paul Schimmel, here with study co-author Professor Xiang-Lei Yang (left), led the new study at The Scripps Research Institute. (Photo by John Dole).

    Ancient Enzyme Morphed Shape to Carry Out New Functions in Humans

    Peer reviewed paper

    New research led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) reveals that a human enzyme has changed little from its days as a bacterial en…

    The Scripps Research Institute

  2. 09/12/2016

    BioResearch Open Access

    Diet, the Gut Microbiome, and Colorectal Cancer: Are They Linked?

    Peer reviewed paper

    Recent evidence from animal models suggests a role for specific types of intestinal bacteria in the development of colorectal cancer (CRC). If a micro…

    « Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers »

  3. 09/12/2016

    The ESO Council appointed Xavier Barcons as the next Director General of ESO at its meeting in Garching on 7–8 December 2016. He takes up his position on 1 September 2017, when Tim de Zeeuw, the current Director General, completes his mandate. Xavier Barcons is Spanish and has had a distinguished career both in the academic world and also as an expert in science policy. He is also well known at ESO after his active and successful term as Council President between 2012 and 2014, a period that included the approval of the E-ELT Programme and the start of Phase 1 of the telescope’s construction. Credit: ESO/Francisco J. Carrera

    Xavier Barcons Appointed as Next ESO Director General

    The ESO Council has appointed Xavier Barcons, 57, as the next Director General of ESO. He will take up his position on 1 September 2017, when Tim de Z…

    European Southern Observatory - ESO

  4. 09/12/2016

    Laser hardened test part using scanning optics (Aitzol Lamikiz)

    Laser hardening, an increasingly flexible technology for hardening steel

    Peer reviewed paper

    Researchers at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country have validated the use of moving optics for laser hardening, which allows the process to…

    « University of the Basque Country »

  5. 09/12/2016

    Forscher sehen Biomolekülen bei der Arbeit zu

    Peer reviewed paper

    Wissenschaftlern der Universität Bonn ist es gelungen, einem wichtigen Zellprotein bei der Arbeit zuzusehen. Sie nutzten dazu eine Methode, mit der ma…

    Universität Bonn

  6. 09/12/2016

    Researchers watch biomolecules at work

    Peer reviewed paper

    Scientists at the University of Bonn have succeeded in observing an important cell protein at work. To do this, they used a method that allows to meas…

    Universität Bonn

Forthcoming events

  1. 08/12/2016

    New Scopus Journal Metrics Provide Free and Comprehensive Insight into Citation Impact for Academic Journals

    WHAT: Join the webinar where Dr. Lisa Colledge, Director of Research Metrics at Elsevier and expert in the use of research metrics, to get a pre-launc…

    « Elsevier »

  2. 07/12/2016 — 08/12/2016

    Leader of 1970 student occupation to be honoured by University

    Pete Cresswell, a former University of Liverpool student who was expelled for his part in a protest, and April Ashley, one of the first people in the…

    Liverpool, University of

  3. 05/12/2016 — 09/12/2016


    Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek hosts first workshop on axions as professor at Stockholm University

    Stockholm University and NORDITA host this week an international workshop on axions and dark matter. Axions are hypothetical particles proposed by Fra…

    Stockholm University

  4. 13/12/2016


    Going beyond 'context matters': Free Politics & Ideas/INASP webinar on 13 December

    It's widely recognized that context plays an important role in determining whether and how research is understood, approached, and used by policymaker…


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