Tel Aviv University

Located at the heart of Israel's high-tech and business center, Tel Aviv University (TAU) represents Israel at its best – dynamic, innovative and forward-looking. TAU was established in 1956 and has evolved into Israel's largest and most diversified university. It has 30,000 students in 128 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and arts. TAU excels in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation; it ranks among the top 10 schools in the world – and the only one outside the United States – for producing successful, VC-backed startup founders. Recognized centers of excellence are brain studies, nanoscience, renewable energy, cyber security, big data, archaeology and film, among others. TAU's cutting-edge scientific advances are reinforced through ties with prominent research institutions ranging from the NIH, NASA and Harvard to Tsinghua University and CERN. The University also puts tremendous emphasis on globalizing its campus, offering 14 international degree programs in English that attract over 1,200 students from 60 countries annually.'