Osaka Metropolitan University

Osaka City University, which had been established by the Osaka Municipal Government, and Osaka Prefecture University, which had been established by the Osaka Prefectural Government, merged in April 2022 to form Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU). As an advanced research university disseminating information from the local region to the world, OMU will leverage its size so that rather than simply educating its undergraduate and graduate students in a broad range of academic fields, it will offer the wide-ranging fruits of its research to everyone in order to maximize their quality of life—children whose future is still undecided, adults who would like to go back to school, older people who want to live a fulfilled “second life,” the socially vulnerable, people from other countries, and others—and offer them opportunities for nurturing the wisdom to find a better way of living throughout their lives, understanding the importance of making value judgements based on truth, goodness, and beauty and of public-spirited citizenship, and acquiring the ability to take action that may contribute to a better society. With the aim of creating and maintaining a sustainable world, Osaka Metropolitan University will train leaders capable of discussing the diverse range of issues facing the city from a panoramic perspective, and of giving impetus to urban culture.'