University of Tsukuba

The University of Tsukuba aims to establish free exchange and close relationships in both basic and applied sciences with educational and research organizations and academic communities in Japan and overseas. While developing these relationships, we intend to pursue education and research to cultivate men and women with creative intelligence and rich human qualities. The University of Tsukuba endeavors to contribute to the progress of science and culture. Formerly, Japanese universities tended to remain cloistered in their own narrow, specialized fields, creating polarization, stagnation in education and research and alienation from their communities. The University of Tsukuba has decided to function as a university which is open to all within and outside of Japan. Toward this end, the university has made it its goal to develop an organization better suiting the functions and administration with a new concept of education and research highly international in character, rich in diversity and flexibility and capable of dealing sensitively with the changes occurring in contemporary society. To realize this, it has vested in its staff and administrative authorities the powers necessary to carry out these responsibilities.'