New book ‘Breed Differences in Dog Behavior: Why tails wag differently’ published by CABI

New book ‘Breed Differences in Dog Behavior: Why tails wag differently’ published by CABI

20/03/2024 CABI
Titre de la publication: Breed Differences in Dog Behavior: Why Tails Wag Differently
Auteur: Renee L Ha, Tracy L Brad, and James C Ha
Type de publication: Autre
Date de publication: 01/04/2024
Nombre de pages 264
Numéro ISBN: 978-1-80062-455-

Animal and veterinary science researchers and students, as well as veterinary practitioners and animal behaviorists, will not want to miss a new book published by CABI which explores the wonders of breed differences in dog behaviour.

The book ‘Breed Differences in Dog Behavior: Why Tails Wag Differently’ by Renee L Ha, Tracy L Brad, and James C Ha, is also a useful reference for shelter staff or dog trainers looking for greater understanding of breed differences.

Humans have bred dogs for physical and behavioral characteristics for millennia. These efforts can have unintended side effects, however, which may be either advantageous or cause issues – such as a predisposition to certain medical complaints, or, controversially, behavioural issues.

More pet owners seek to understand their canine family members

The scientific study of domestic dogs is still in its infancy, but public demand for this information is at a record high as more and more pet owners seek to understand their canine family members.

Focusing on the behavioral differences and tendencies that have arisen in different breed lines, this book explores, summarizes, and explains the scientific evidence on what breed can tell us about behaviour – and, crucially, what it cannot.

The book covers a range of aspects

The book covers a range of aspects. They include the impact of inbreeding and how it contributes to problematic behavioural issues such as anxiety and aggression, and how it potentially affects the future health of the breed.

The limits of predicting a dog's behavior based upon breed, individual differences within breeds, and the corresponding limitations of breed-specific legislation is also considered.

‘Breed Differences in Dog Behavior: Why Tails Wag Differently’ further provides guidance for professionals to help their clients better understand behavioural issues, traits, and appropriate expectations around the right breed for their household.

Alex Lainsbury, Commissioning Editor at CABI, said, “Providing a comprehensive and approachable view of the science behind breed-specific behaviors, this book gives dog enthusiasts from all professional and personal backgrounds a better understanding of why dogs do what they do, and how we can improve our relationships with our canine companions.”
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  • More pet owners are seeking to understand the behavior of their canine family members (Credit: Pixabay).
20/03/2024 CABI
Regions: Europe, United Kingdom
Keywords: Science, Life Sciences


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