Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

With its strong research backbone and international orientation, Goethe University Frankfurt is a member of the "German U15 ", the association of the 15 strongest medical research universities in Germany, and one of Frankfurt’s largest employers. Together with the Technical University of Darmstadt and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Goethe University Frankfurt operates the strategic Rhine-Main Universities (RMU) alliance. Established in 1914 as a foundation university with funding from Frankfurt citizens, Goethe University enjoys a high degree of autonomy, embedded in a highly participatory and supportive environment. Bundled in six research profile areas, Goethe University Frankfurt's scientific excellence is rooted in its interdisciplinary approaches in the humanities, social sciences, economics, natural and life sciences, and medicine. Whether it concerns teaching and research, or the transfer of technology and knowledge in close interaction with civil society, Goethe University delivers contributions to meet the challenges of the 21st century and acts as a driving force for the progressive development of society, politics, and business – together with its regional, national, and international partners. Thanks to its holistically conceived, research-oriented educational process, Goethe University is not only a modern employer, it qualifies its students to become responsible, cosmopolitan citizens. www.goethe-university-frankfurt.de/en