New platform – DEEPSYNC – pioneers the Future of European Innovation

New platform – DEEPSYNC – pioneers the Future of European Innovation


DEEPSYNC highlights EIC innovators and projects through a unique platform. With a rich project database and stories section, it aims to enhance collaboration and visibility within EIC Communities.

Today marks the official launch of the DEEPSYNC platform, an initiative by the EIC Communities project, funded by Horizon Europe. This online hub is designed to amplify the visibility and impact of European Innovation Council (EIC) funded projects by providing a state-of-the-art platform for showcasing their innovations and facilitating collaboration among Europe's brightest minds.
DEEPSYNC serves as a digital nexus for scientific innovators, supporters, and the broader public interested in pioneering technologies and research. The platform hosts an extensive database of EIC-funded projects, meticulously selected and categorized by thematic Communities – CleanTech, Health, and Industry – and further divided into specialised topics within each category. This organisation not only highlights the diversity and depth of European innovation but also makes it easier for users to discover projects that align with their interests or fields of expertise.
One of the platform's features is its stories section, which brings to life the journeys, challenges, and successes of EIC beneficiaries. Through engaging narratives, DEEPSYNC aims to inspire current and future innovators by sharing the human side of the scientific endeavour.
In addition to project showcases and inspiring stories, DEEPSYNC plans to introduce a supporter's database to connect projects with potential collaborators, investors, and other stakeholders who are instrumental in bringing these innovative solutions to market. This feature will enhance the platform's role in fostering connections that propel projects from concept to reality.
As DEEPSYNC evolves, users can look forward to additional functionalities aimed at strengthening the European innovation ecosystem. The platform's commitment to inclusivity and diversity is evident in its efforts to highlight projects led by women and those targeting underrepresented groups.
For scientific innovators seeking visibility for their project stakeholders eager to support the next big breakthrough, or simply enthusiast's passionate about the future of technology, DEEPSYNC offers a gateway to the heart of European innovation.
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Coordination EIC Communities Project:
  • Stefania De Santi (APRE) –
  • Jessica Bonanno (APRE) –
Communication Officer:
  • Cesar Giovanni Crisosto (ICONS) –

Project website:
Twitter: @DeePSynC_eu
Regions: Europe, Belgium, European Union and Organisations
Keywords: Applied science, Grants and new facilities, Health, Grants & new facilities


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