COST Actions at the Smart Digital Futures 2019, a multi-conference event to share research and knowledge.

Location: Intercontinental Hotel, St George's Bay
Address St Julians, STJ 3310, Malta
Opening Hours: 08:30 - 18:30

Smart Digital Futures 2019 will take place this year in St. Julians, Malta from the 17 to 19 June.

This multi-conference event provides the opportunity to discuss and share on leading edge smart systems topics.

Several COST Actions are participating in some of the conference themes such as Smart and E-Learning presenting new ideas and approaches in the emerging area of smart technology and its applications in education and training. Intelligent Decision Technologies, which will focus on bridging computer science with its development of artificial intelligence. And a conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare to bridge innovative approaches with the needs of practitioners and patients internationally.

COST Association and COST Actions participants have been invited to organise a COST session 17th June at 15.30 pm. The session will offer participants an introduction to COST such as: what is European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)? and how can you participate in a COST Action? By Dr Federica Ortelli, COST Science Officer.

Prof Janet Mifsud, Malta COST National Coordinator (CNC) & Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) member will make a presentation of Malta ‘s participation in COST across all areas of research.

Prof Manuel Ojeda-Aciego, from COST Action Digital forensics: evidence analysis via intelligent systems and practices will present this Action network aiming at exploring the potential of the application of Artificial Intelligence and Automated Reasoning in the Digital Forensics field, and creating synergies between these fields.

Prof Tiziana Brevini, Chair of COST Action In vitro 3-D total cell guidance and fitness will present the Action aiming at refining our understanding of the in vivo micro & macro environment.

Dr Lionel Nicolas, Chair of COST Action European Network for Combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques will present his Action which aims to combine language learning and crowdsourcing in order to trigger an innovation breakthrough for the production of learning material.

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Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, St George's Bay, St Julians, STJ 3310, Malta

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Time of the COST session: 15:30 – 17:30

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