World’s largest international ecology conference comes to London - INTECOL

18/08/2013 - 23/08/2013 British Ecological Society (BES)
Location: London, UK
Address ExCel Centre, London

INTECOL, ExCel Centre, London 18-23 August 2013

Over 2,000 ecologists from around the world gather in London this month for the world’s largest international ecological conference, INTECOL, hosted by the British Ecological Society in its centenary year at the ExCel Centre in London, on 18-23 August 2013.

With more than 1,000 presentations and over 500 posters the meeting will welcome leading ecologists from 67 countries; highlights include:

  • Latest research on climate change, including how rare butterflies in museum collections are being used to extend our phenology records;
  • New data on declining bee populations, including results of ecological surveys of the spread of infectious diseases from honeybees to bumblebees;
  • A session dedicated to citizen science, showcasing how new technology from mobile phone apps to social networking can generate valuable ecological data to tackle major new threats such as ash dieback;
  • The latest studies on invasive species, including how giant tortoises could save island ecosystems from being overrun by invasive plants and how ecologists are using forensic techniques to track the spread of invasive species like the grey squirrel; and
  • An exhibition of the winning images in Celebrating Ecology, the BES's annual photographic competition.

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