Pensoft Publishers

We specialize in the field of academic and professional book and journal publishing. In 2008, Pensoft launched its first open access journals named ZooKeys which is now considered as being the most technologically advanced journal in taxonomy. The successful model of ZooKeys was shortly followed by PhytoKeys, MycoKeys and Nature Conservation. In the last years Pensoft has developed and implemented several innovations in its openaccess journal publishing platform. Currently the com pany publishes 10 open access biodiversity journals. Pensoft is actively developing new methods for dissemination of taxonomy information, including publishing of atomized, semantically enhanced automated exports to global data aggregators, such as Encyclopedia of Life, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Species-ID and others. The company is partnering with several world institutions in the development of common data publishing standards and workflows. The complete list of our publishing services is available here. Since 2003, Pensoft has been publishing for or partnering in several European Union FP5 and FP6 projects, such as ALARM, BIOFORUM, MACMAN, MACIS, EUROLIMPACS, RUBICODE. Presently, Pensoft is taking part in the projects SCALES, STEP, MOTIVE, CLIMIT, ViBRANT, LEGATO, BESAFE, PROIBIOSPHERE and EUBON.'