ISC Intelligence in Science

Building understanding about science and innovation ISC is dedicated to excellence in science public relations, science information dissemination and R&D policy analysis. ISC has developed a unique set of communication and intelligence skills over its more than ten years of experience at the European and member states level. ISC serves science and technology communities to build up understanding about their research and activities amongst citizens and the private and public sectors. ISC expertise is engaged by policy makers, scientific and contract research organizations, intellectual property professionals, academic institutions, technology transfer experts and many others involved in R&D and innovation processes. Our expertise covers science communication, policy analysis, innovation strategies, science diplomacy, science literacy and intellectual property rights within the EU and the international sphere. Nanotechnology, life sciences, aerospace, and information technologies are just a few of the wide range of scientific subjects we cover. The origins of ISC lie in the European Union’s Framework Programmes supporting technological innovation and exploitation of the results from R&D activities. Our experience with such programmes both as contractor and as interested party has shown that a methodological approach to communicating science is essential to foster and commercialise innovation.'