Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary has its roots in four colleges: Queen Mary College, Westfield College, St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College and the London Hospital Medical College.  The oldest building on campus is the Queens' Building built in 1887; originally known as The People's Palace, it provided entertainment and cultural opportunities for the local population. It was admitted to the University of London in 1915. The College and its academic departments, library, Students' Union and administrative buildings are all on one campus. This makes the College unique amongst the University of London's central colleges. Having all academic departments together has advantages in terms of scale of centralised facilities, as well as improving communication and giving the College a strong sense of identity. Many students following combined-subject courses across two or more departments have found the closeness of academic departments particularly helpful, as it saves time and allows them greater choice of timetable combinations. The College has approximately 9,000 students, including over 1,600 students following postgraduate and research programmes. As a result of a merger in 1995 Queen Mary incorporates two medical Colleges: St Bartholomew's and the Royal London. These are situated west of the College, Barts near St Paul's and the Royal London in Whitechapel.