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David Bowie’s life and work guide readers through ideas of difference, authenticity, ethics, art and love in new book.

Titel der Veröffentlichung David Bowie Outlaw: Essays on Difference, Authenticity, Ethics, Art & Love
Autor Professor Alex Sharpe
Art der Veröffentlichung Buch (Paperback)
Datum der Veröffentlichung 26.11.2021
Seiten 126
ISBN 9780367691066

In her new book,David Bowie Outlaw, Professor Alex Sharpe of Warwick Law School brings to life, through the art and music of David Bowie, a set of philosophical ideas (difference, authenticity, love), creative methods (use of William Burroughs’ cut-ups writing technique) and ethical debates (Bowie’s artistic ‘flirtation’ with fascism).

In contrast to many well-regarded books published since his death which focus on Bowie as man and artist, Professor Sharpe’s essays draw on Bowie’s boundless creativity and playfulness to render accessible ideas of difference, authenticity, ethics, art and love to academic and non-academic audiences alike.

In Professor Sharpe’s view Bowie is an ideal figure in this translation exercise because “Bowie’s considerable body of work addresses, and in a sustained way, subject matter that continues to interest us in non-trivial ways: the figure of the outsider, the ethical boundaries of art, the importance of love, as well as other abiding concerns, and because he was a curator and critic of contemporary culture, offering us a series of mirrors through which to glimpse society and ourselves. It is Bowie who was the first postmodern rock star, and it is Bowie who will be the reader’s guide, a modern-day Zarathustra.”
  • David Bowie Outlaw: Essays on Difference, Authenticity, Ethics, Art & Love by Professor Alex Sharpe is published by Routledge on November 26, 2021 ISBN 9780367691066 126 Pages
  • Alex Sharpe is a Law Professor at Warwick University. She researches in the areas of social and legal theory, legal history, criminal justice, law and popular culture, and gender, sexuality and the law. She is the author of three previous monographs: Transgender Jurisprudence: Dysphoric Bodies of Law (Cavendish 2002), Foucault’s Monsters and the Challenge of Law (Routledge 2010), and Sexual Intimacy and Gender Identity 'Fraud': Reframing the Legal & Ethical Debate (Routledge 2018).
Regions: Europe, United Kingdom
Keywords: Society, Social Sciences, Arts, Performing arts, Humanities, Philosophy & ethics


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