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German-speaking section of the "Regional Science Association International" (GfR) holds Winter Seminar in the Alpine region of Tirol

19 February 2018 European Regional Science Association

The German-speaking section of the “Regional Science Association International” (GfR) holds its traditional Winter Seminar in Igls in Tirol. From the 17th to the 24th of February around 40 economic geographers, regional economists, planners and other people interested in the development of regions and cities from the German-speaking area get together. Amongst them are also guests form countries like Hungary, England or Island.

They discuss topics like labor markets, housing prices, migration, the effects of sports events or business creation. The presentations are limited to a maximum of four per day. This guarantees plenty of time for presentation and discussion, which distinguishes the seminar from others alike.

The “Regional Science Association International” holds around 5.000 members. Its German-speaking section – the “Gesellschaft für Regionalforschung” – regularly publishes the “Review of Regional Research”, which not only reflects the state of the art of Regional Science in the German-speaking area but also contains international discussion contributions.

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