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The CRISPR Journal Debuts Online Content with Francisco Mojica Interview, Patent Outlook from Jacob Sherkow, and Inaugural Editorial from Editor-in-Chief Rodolphe Barrangou

08 January 2018 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers

In a colorful and first-person look at the discovery of CRISPR short DNA repeats that spawned the genome editing revolution, Francisco Mojica reflects on the momentous events leading up to and following his game-changing research in a fascinating new interview. This article, together with a Commentary on the complex patent landscape surrounding CRISPR technology and an Editorial by journal Editor-in-Chief Rodolphe Barrangou, PhD, mark the first articles to be released online by The CRISPR Journal, a new peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The content is available on The CRISPR Journal website and will also be featured in the premier print edition of The CRISPR Journal debuting next month (February 2018).

In the article entitled “Crazy About CRISPR: An Interview with Francisco Mojica,” journal founding Executive Editor Kevin Davies, PhD, conducts a lively discussion with Dr. Mojica, a microbiologist at the University of Alicante in Spain, about his research which ultimately led to the discovery of CRISPR repeats in a salt-loving single-celled organism, and the recognition of their profound implications for biology and subsequently potential to transform genome research and therapeutics. Dr. Mojica also details the early struggles he faced and overcame in publishing and gaining acceptance of his findings.

Jacob Sherkow, JD, provides an insightful look at “The CRISPR Patent Landscape: Past, Present, and Future” ( in an invited Commentary that considers how the continuing intellectual property controversy swirling around the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing system has affected and continues to impact the commercial advancement of the technology. Still unclear is how academic researchers and university technology transfer offices will handle the ongoing patent dispute and how the evolving patent landscape will affect the broad availability of CRISPR tools.

Dr. Barrangou, in the Journal’s inaugural Editorial “Keep Calm and CRISPR On” (, describes the new publication as a truly multidisciplinary journal comprised of outstanding primary research studies in both basic and applied research, as well as covering many other facets of interest to the CRISPR community, including developments in intellectual property, ethics, business, regulatory issues, funding, societal implications, and public perceptions.

“I want to give a voice to all the members of our global community, as well as provide a rich source of information for ancillary topics that make the CRISPR field so fascinating, valuable, and disruptive,” says Dr. Barrangou. “This journal will provide a forum for insightful coverage of the entire CRISPR tapestry, as well as a widely read platform for open debate.”

“We are delighted to start the New Year with a little taste of the authoritative and engaging content that the entire CRISPR community can expect from The CRISPR Journal going forward,” said Dr. Davies. “We look forward to releasing more content, including our first peer-reviewed original research articles, in the coming weeks as we gear up to publish our inaugural issue in February.”

Dr. Barrangou, Dr. Davies, and the senior authors are available for press inquiries and interviews. Please contact Kathryn Ryan at the publisher for scheduling.

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