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Publication Announcement

The new issue of Studies About Languages published

21 December 2017 Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

The new  issue of journal Studies About Languages (No 31 (2017))is out. Studies About Languages aims at bringing together the scientists interested in linguistic theory development, empirical research of different aspects of languages functioning within a society, issues of language learning and teaching.

The articles published in the journal focus on theoretical and empirical research, including:

- General Linguistics

- Applied Linguistics (Translation studies, Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Studies of Foreign Languages)

- Comparative Linguistics

- Contrastive Linguistics

The journal aims at becoming a multidisciplinary venue of sharing ideas and experience among the scholars working in the field.

Table of Contents

Middle English Names of Professional Entertainers: Etymology and Aspects of Usage PDF
Oksana Jaroslavovna Dobrovolska 5 - 22
La Motivation Du Verbe Tchèque PDF
Samuel Bidaud 23 - 35

The Effect of the Translator’s Gender Identity on the Adequacy of Translation: Contemporary French Women’s Prose in Ukrainian Translations PDF
Lyudmila Diachuk 36 - 51
Are Dubbed Teen Films (still) Censored? PDF
Patrizia Giampieri 52 - 70

The Duration Of Pauses In Non-Spontaneous Lithuanian Speech PDF
Asta Kazlauskienė, Eidmantė Kalašinskaitė 71 - 82
Towards The Criteria For Identification Of Idioms And Collocations PDF
Erika Rimkutė, Agnė Bielinskienė, Jolanta Kovalevskaitė, Laura Vilkaitė 83 - 101

Effort to Create Hope for ‘Lost Generation’: Perspectives of Turkish EFL Teachers PDF
Mehmet Asmalı 102 - 112
Oral Communication in a Foreign Language Competence Development in Academic Contexts PDF
Virginija Tuomaitė, Zita Zajankauskaitė 113 - 129

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