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Conference on High Intensity Lasers in Israel (CHILI)

11 December 2017 — 13 December 2017 Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This year’s international Conference on High Intensity Lasers in Israel (CHILI) will unite leading scientists from around the world will gather in Tel Aviv to discuss the interaction of high intensity lasers with matter, such as laser fusion, ion/electron/laser acceleration, X-ray/neutron radiation, and attoscience.

WHEN: Monday - Wednesday, December 11 - 13,  from 9 a.m. to varying evening hours

WHERE: The Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel

TO ATTEND & RESERVE PARKING: Contact Arie Zigler at Space will be limited.

CHILI was established by Prof. Arie Zigler from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2011. The conference brings together world-leading scientists in the area of high intensity lasers and their interaction with matter. The field of high intensity laser science is currently going through rapid development, which has opened new, unprecedented laboratory capabilities.

Ultra-intense lasers not only provide high electromagnetic fields, but also make possible the generation of ultrashort and ultrahigh energy beams of particles and radiations up to the TeV range. As such, they are expected to impact fundamental physics. They may permit studies of cosmos acceleration, vacuum nonlinearities, dark matter, nonlinear quantum electrodynamics, and radiation physics in the vicinity of the Schwinger field.

Medical applications, such as hadron therapy, the production of new medical isotopes relevant to chemotherapy, will also benefit from such studies.

This year, the conference obtained generous funding from the Embassy of Italy in Tel Aviv. The Italian Ambassador to Israel, Gianluigi Benedetti, will deliver opening remarks. In addition, several leaders of the European project, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), will participate in this year’s conference. ELI is a laser facility with pan-European interests that aims to host the most intense beamline system in the world, while developing interdisciplinary research opportunities with light from these lasers and secondary radiation generated by them.

Other speakers featured at this year’s CHILI come from all over the world, from institutions in Europe, the United States, Russia, Japan, India, China and Israel.


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