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News Release

Family Medicine and Community Health Journal Volume 5, Issue Number 3 Publishes

07 November 2017 Compuscript Ltd

The Autumn 2017 issue, a special issue entitled “Health is Primary”, Guest Editor: Li Li, includes an editorial, four original research articles, one case study, one narrative analysis, two commentaries and one China Focus article addressing various topics in family medicine in both China and internationally.

The first featured article in this issue is an original research article entitled “Mental health problems due to community violence exposure in a small urban setting.” by authors Faraz Ahmad, Jim Medder, Jenenne Geske, Jannette Taylor and Ruth Margalit, the study suggests that health care providers in smaller cities, where the effects of violent crime may be underestimated or overlooked, be informed of the existence of this public health problem within their community and that they screen at-risk patients for mental health problems. The second featured article is an China focus article entitled “Overnight pulse oximetry for screening of obstructive sleep apnea in at-risk adult patients in the primary care setting: prospective case series” ( by authors Lap-Kin Chiang, Cheuk-Wai Kam and Lorna V. Ng, which demonstrates that overnight pulse oximetry shows good performance as a screening tool for the screening of OSA.

Other articles published in the issue include:

Health is primary Li Li

Susan A. Flocke, Elizabeth Antognoli: Assessing the accuracy of patient report of the 5As (ask, assess, advise, assist, and arrange) for smoking cessation counseling

Ling Huang, Amod K. Poudyal, Nanping Wang, Ramesh K. Maharjan, Krishna P. Adhikary, Sharad R. Onta: Burden of road traffic accidents in Nepal by calculating disability-adjusted life years

Diane J. Madlon-Kay, Emily R. Smith: Effect of an educational intervention and parental vaccine refusal forms on childhood vaccination  rates in a clinic with a large Somali population

Monica Webb Hooper, Michael Payne, Kimberly A. Parkinson: Tobacco cessation pharmacotherapy use among racial/ethnic minorities in the United States:  Considerations for primary care

Sheng Liu: Understanding cultures beyond medicine

Geetha Mani: Social prescribing for healthy aging: sustaining social capital in India

Kamil Naidoo, Laura McCrossan: Adult-onset celiac disease for the primary care physician

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