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Festival for the Earth announces II edition to be at held at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

09 November 2017 — 10 November 2017 Ca' Foscari University of Venice

On November 9 and 10 the prestigious Oceanographic Museum of Monaco  will host the second edition of the Festival for the Earth, an international conference in which researchers, creative minds and activists from around the globe will discuss achievable models for a responsible-living on Earth. Keeping in mind its main objective to propose to broader audiences possibilities of transformations and alternatives for reframing environmental issues, the 2017 Festival will benefit from contributions by environmental scientists and economists, “green” entrepreneurs with new ideas for harvesting our planet’s resources, but also communications specialists committed to increasing general audiences awareness on climate change issues.

The 2017 edition will also live up to the avant-garde character of the Festival, that lays in its being an art-based project for social transformation as envisioned by its inventor and curator, Maria Rebecca Ballestra. A special event focused on water will see the video message of award-winning Japanese musician and artist Ryuichi Sakamoto and an interactive water Installation by Italy’s Giuseppe La Spada. This year artistic contributions to the Festival also include a projection of film Amazonia written by UK poet and ecologist Mario Petrucci and video-documentary Iriria-Nina Tierra by Italy’s Carmelo Camilli, presented during a special event kindly organized by Association Dante Alighieri Monaco.

Speakers of the 2017 edition will continue to search for innovative ideas and approaches to environmental emergencies in an ideal fil-rouge with the first edition of the Festival held at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. Belgian environmentalist and 2008 Goldman Prize winner Ignace Schops will kick-start the conference by explaining the (Re)connection Model he created (reconnecting society with nature heritage), and how to find local solutions for global problems. Professor Carlo Carraro (specialist of Environmental Economics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and a member of the Bureau of the Nobel Laureate Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will follow in his lead by explaining the size of investments necessary to govern the transition to a low carbon economy (namely, to reduce greenhouse emissions in the main economic sectors) and to adapt to an unavoidable climate change. Pulitzer Prize winner Kenneth Weiss will give his keynote speech on Altered Oceans at the Festival’s Special Event – Focus Water. Nancy Baron (Director of Science Outreach, COMPASS) will explain how better bringing science into society.

Confirming its goal of exploring some of the most innovative solutions leading the way to a more sustainable living, the Festival 2017 hosts a session on aquatic technology in which Prof. Luisa Pistelli (associate professor at Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pisa) and Dr. Elisabetta Princi (Ocean Reef Group, Italy) will illustrate Nemo’s Garden Project, Italy’s incredible underwater farm, Benedetto Costa

Broccardi (Avkem Srl) will lead us into a world of products and processes alleviating pollution and  environment degradation, like the new nano air bubbles used in the treatment of polluted waters, while UK environmental scientist Lucy Gilliam will share her experience with eXXpedition, an innovative platform for collaboration at sea with which she cruises the oceans to investigate the impact of toxic and plastic  pollutants.

Back on dry land, progress in producing biofuel from algae will be discussed by Michael Magrì (CEO, Tere Group), Patrice Garnier (CEO, Amabiotics) will brief us on the prospect of bio-mimetic and bio-engineering becoming a new generation source of sustainable energy, while Sergio Tommasini (CEO, Sunchem Holding) will explain more about the seeds of new nicotine-free made in Italy tobacco plants which are already powering “the greenest flights ever” of Boeing airplanes and feeding animals at the same time.

The Festival for the Earth is organized by MbR Art and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Thanks to its innovative approach the Festival for the Earth has obtained the support of the Embassy of Italy in Monaco, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the Association Dante Alighieri Monaco.

Maria Rebecca Ballestra, is an artist who aims to instigate creativeness directed at positive transformation processes in science, humanities, economy, ecology and art.  During the Festival the gallery Natoli & Mascarenhas, Monaco, will present a selection of works from the series " Echoes from the void" by Maria Rebecca Ballestra on the ten biggest deserts of the earth. The project will be displayed in the Conference room together with a selection of photographs by the artist Giuseppe La Spada, focusing on the relationship between man and the water element and in dialogue with the Festival main topics.

For a detailed program and speakers bio:

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